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Quick Start (docker)

Install Docker

Please download and install Docker CE or Docker Desktop for your computer if it isn't installed:

Get and run the Algo SDK docker image

docker run -it apifinyalgo/algo-sdk:1.2.12
Depending on system, you may need to run this with sudo.

Build and run your first application

Apifiny Algo SDK uses the premake4 build system. The SDK includes several example applications. Follow the commands below to build the first application:

cd ${ALGO_HOME}/examples/ccc_executor/build_scripts 
premake4 gmake
make -j 10 config=release

You can start the application now:

ccc_executor ${ALGO_HOME}/examples/ccc_executor/cfg/executor_cfg.json

The application will start running but orders sent out will be rejected. This is because your exchange API key hasn’t been set. Please open the configuration file and fill in your exchange API key:

vi ${ALGO_HOME}/examples/ccc_executor/cfg/executor_cfg.json

Now you can rerun the application. (This is just a sample strategy. It does not have profitable trading logic! )