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Why should I use Apifiny Algo?

  • Apifiny Algo addresses several key issues faced by quant traders when implementing trading strategies:
    • If Python is too slow or not scalable for your trading strategies
    • If you want to compete with High Frequency Traders (HFT traders)
    • Lacking a well designed trading and quant framework in the market so you can focus on trading alpha and execution research
    • Lacking a platform to integrate 3rd party quant trading components into your own algos seamlessly.

Who is Apifiny Algo for?

  • Apifiny Algo is designed for traders who do:
    • Algo trading;
    • HFT and/or other intraday tradings;
    • Arbitrage trading, market marking, signal-based taking, pair-trading, portfolio trading, or other alpha driven trading strategies; or
    • Model-based or rule based trading

How is the performance of Apifiny Algo?

  • Apifiny Algo uses websocket to subscribe market data, and uses websocket or REST to place orders. It connects to exchanges directly. It only takes 37us (microseconds) to process the incoming data and starts executing your core trading logic. After completing your trading logic, it takes as low as 5us to send orders out. If you use our framework to implement trading logics, the typical time spent on the trading logic part is 10us.

How is Apifiny Algo different from other trading libraries?

  • Most other crypto trading libraries only handle market data access and order placing, but do not offer order management and event framework for users to implement trading strategies. Apifiny Algo covers the whole trading process, so that users can implement their unique trading logics saving lots of effort.
  • Implemented in C++, and focuses on the critical path (from market data arrival to order sending, not back-office or offline tasks).
  • Uses tick-by-tick and high resolution data for backtesting
  • Supports model-fitting and machine learning
  • Its plugin mechanism allows users to extend functionalities and use 3rd party components
  • Flexible: Users can choose c++ code to control virtually every aspect or JSON to implement logic at a very high level.

How is Apifiny Algo different from trading bots?

  • Trading bots are strategies running on shared infrastructures which offer limited customizations for users to apply simple market insights and/or trading preferences; Apifiny Algo is a trading library running on a user’s dedicated machine, giving users unlimited research and trading potential. While trading bots offers users convenience, Apifiny Algo gives them a competitive edge over other traders / trading bots.

Which exchanges are supported in Apifiny Algo?

Exchange Type
Binance Spot/Margin, USD-M Futures, COIN-M Futures
Binance US Spot
Ftx Spot, Swap, Futures
Huobi Spot, Coin-M Futures, Coin-M Futres, USDT-M
OKX Spot, Swap, Futures
Okcoin Spot
Kucoin Spot, Swap
Crypto Spot
Coinbase Spot
Gemini Spot

You can also find examples of all the trading platforms currently supported by Algo in the config file for the ccc_signal_taker example.

What APIs does Apifiny Algo offer?

  • TradeLib C++ API. Please refer to this API document for details.
  • QuantLib C++/JSON API. We will publish them once they are released.


For technical support, where should I submit the requests?

  • Please click the support button on the lower right corner.