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Quick start

Running Algo Trading System

Different Types of Deployments,

  1. Cloud Deployment

    The way of cloud deployment The server side has been deployed to the cloud. The user does not need to do anything.

  2. Local method with Docker deployment

    • Install Docker

      • Please download and install the corresponding Docker version according to the operating system:
    • Run Docker

      docker run -it --net="host" apifinyalgo/algo-sdk:1.2.12
      Note: Different operating systems may require you to run the program with sudo. Then you can start the ccc_control_server. command: ccc_control_server /data/cc/control_server_cfg.json (You can check whether the program starts successfully through the ps -aux|grep ccc_control_server command. If the startup fails, it is also caused by the port conflict of bind. You can use the vi command to modify the port in the /data/cc/control_server_cfg.json* file, then restart and try to start)

  3. Local method with SDK

    We need to download and unzip our Package to run locally. The required local operating system must be Ubuntu 20.04 version.

    1. Download Algo Trading System Package Download and get license key here

    2. Unzip the file:

      tar -zxvf algo_sdk_1.2.7.tar.gz

    3. start ccc_control_server

      • Set environment variable ALGO_HOME using the path of your algo_sdk. e.g. /data/cc/algo_sdk:

      Setup other environment variables:

      export TZ=UTC
      export PATH=${ALGO_HOME}/bin:$PATH

      You can start the ccc_control_server now.

      ccc_control_server ${ALGO_HOME}/control_server_cfg.json

Start your first program

For your reference, we provide three strategy examples below. If you are interested, you can seamless run and test using the colab link attached in the example page.

  1. SimpleTakerStrategy
  2. SimpleMakerStrategy
  3. DataPrinterStrategy

New product users, we strongly recommend you to start the trial testing with our cloud deployment. After you are familiar with the basic operation process of the product, you can use Docker deployment or SDK deployment to start live trading locally.

If you have any question, you can refer to our Python API. At the same time, for high-frequency and performance-focused users, we will also provide the corresponding C++ API version for learning.

*In order to facilitate everyone's learning and use, the key of Binance Test has been added to our example for your convenience.