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Service Management

It is important if you could manage and monitor your services. You can easily use the below script to achieve this.

Connect to control service

from aats.control_service import ControlService
cs = ControlService()
cs.set_control_service(ip='', port=8060)

List all active market services

Return message: active market server list: [{'pid': '2607016', 'port': '494415688'}, {'pid': '2680349', 'port': '386033037'}, {'pid': '2828594', 'port': '1139571880'}, {'pid': '2832682', 'port': '212555887'}, {'pid': '2851053', 'port': '1404092106'}, {'pid': '2861507', 'port': '1469668890'}, {'pid': '2862534', 'port': '1800985966'}]

List all active trade services

Return message: active trade server list: []

Kill the service with given pid